Coronavirus Protections for Home Buyers

Coronavirus Protections for Home Buyers

As the situation develops with the COVID-19 pandemic, Windermere Real Estate is devoted to taking steps to lessen the unfold of the virus while also continuing to paint with home buyers. To assist with this process, here are some methods you as a domestic buyer can keep yourself and others safe at some stage in the buying process.


Only excursion the assets in case you feel healthy.

Ask your Windermere agent to reveal to you the belongings as opposed to attending an open house.

 Drive one at a time from your agent to the assets.

And be considerate of the seller’s domestic and wash or sanitize your hands earlier than entry, touching as little as vital. While many dealers will likely offer it, carry your very own hand sanitizer and use more first than and after you tour the domestic home buyers protections. You might also consider moving disposable gloves for, too, safety.

❱ Ask your agent to verify with the seller’s agent that they have not currently been unwell or in contact with a person suspected of having COVID-19.

❱ Sellers often ask you to take off your shoes when you excursion their home or wear protective booties that have been supplied. Consider bringing your very own booties and throwing them away while you’ve finished touring.

❱ Be aware of how a whole lot you contact things within the domestic and reduce touch with doors and hand railings.

❱ Reduce the quantity of time spent with different humans within an identical room. This “social distancing” practice can curb the character-to-individual spread.


❱ If you are presently self-quarantined due to infection or other reasons, you should not tour homes in person. Ask your Windermere agent to video chat with you even if you can see it virtually as they excursion the domestic.

❱ Do not view homes while you’re sick, feeling like you’re about to be unwell, or getting over an illness.

❱ We do no longer advocate touring houses after returning from international journey or travel. So that uncovered you to a massive institution of people in near quarters, like significant events.

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