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Credit Card Statement | Explore the queries

Explore the queries:  Since , we have discussed about the closing date , billing cycle , reporting date , payment due date of the credit card statement explore queries , so many questions would have also come in your mind . So , we are to unearth the answers of those evolving questions.

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If there are errors on your billing statement

Carelessness can result in a mistake. That is why to explore queries, it is advisable to review your credit card PDF statement thoroughly so that you can look for any mistake or can make sure that everything is correct.In a circumstance that if you come across a billing error,  you have the right to  dispute it with the credit card issuer.

Credit Card Accountability

But the dispute ought to make within the 60 days of the credit card statement has mailed to you. But mostly, the credit card issuers resolve the problems on the phone call to explore queries.  Anyhow, it is good to send a letter entailing the details of dispute.  So that in future you can show the proof that you disputed the billing error if the credit card issuer does not cooperate,  to resolve the problem and you are planning to sue your credit card issuer. But, still it is better to start with making a phone call and if that does not work , you can work on sending a letter.

If all transactions are not listed on your statement

While reviewing your billing statement,  you have noticed that all the transactions do not listed on the billing statement,  do not panic! Your billing statement solely entails the information or the list of transactions made within the billing cycle.

Credit Transaction to Credit Card

The transactions that are making before or after the start. And end of the  billing cycle are not listing on the credit card account billing statement. So, do remember your dates of billing cycle , that is very important.

Anyways, you can view the lists of the transactions on your online account by logging into the account.

Hence , this is a grave issue while dealing with the credit card statement, bank statement. Because they include very critical information. A slight negligence can affect your credit record or your financial situation. Thus,  deal with them with open ears and open eyes!

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